Overview of our games: A curriculum of politics and culture



This Monopoly knock-off uses a gameboard similar to the Nolan chart. Players take on one of six political affiliations. It's about wining thru persuasive arguments.


Players create new policy thru multi-party negotiation.


Political PARTY! ...a dress-up role-playing game in which players take on a political persona and interact with others inside a described situation such as a cocktail party following a press conference for newly-announced candidates


When we just can’t get along (and don’t want to either). This game is currently under development. It is based on jokes and comedy clips about parties and subcultures. Subscribe and contribute!


Can’t we just blow it up and start over? This game is currently under development. It considers the differing utopian ideals of various segments of society.

True Colors: the Game of Politics

This card game is designed to familiarize players with the key tenets of the four largest U.S. parties: Republican, Democratic, Green, and Libertarian.

Plus six more political education games are currently under development. Subscribe to be notified when they are available.