If your stance is that winner-takes-all is more realistic than trying to compromise, this version is more for you. As annoying as it is to have another Monopoly knockoff, at least you know the mechanics so you can jump right in and focus on the dialog. The game setting is that as citizens, you are aiming to convince other citizens to support your values and interests and also avoid an obligation to fund causes that you may argue are against your political stance. Landing in others’ domains is simply part of life, as we sometimes through family or work obligations end up in locations or situations that we wouldn’t otherwise choose. For example, you might be invited to attend a football game or burning man festival. Taxes are demanded. Donation requests are made by non-profits. Give-and-take is part of relationships, but it’s important to explain to the others why you aren't willing to support some requests or demands. 


Download board game and rules

The rules file contains a visual of the game board file, which you can enlarge and print. As a low-tech solution, you can print the gameboard file to cut and paste it onto a square 18x18" paperboard. The gameboard file contains the round icons that can be pasted onto buttons or coins for play pieces. If you have 5 or 6 players and want to go the distance, print the dollar token file twice. Check out the Nolan chart page for cheat sheets. Grab a die from another game, and you're ready to go. Feel free to leave feedback on Facebook @politibanter about how the gameplay goes for you! 

gameboard cut&paste (pdf)


tokens - dollar (pdf)


rules - domiNation (pdf)