impersoNation: A Live-action Role Playing Game

This live action role playing game (LARP), helps players get familiar with positions of the political parties and gives players experience in rank-ordered voting, which (among others) recommends as a better method that allows third party candidates more of a chance. You can print the downloadable pages and use it as a do-it-yourself game plan or contact to request a paid gamemaster (GM) party planner to orchestrate your event. Travel expenses may apply. Willrobot from Reddit says of party role-playing games, “The referee makes much more of a difference than the system. The ability to wrangle that many people, keep everyone feeling involved and active, and have some semblance of a plot happen is half experience, half chutzpah, and half pure insanity.”  In a LARP, three halves is allowable, as is a whole lot of playful nonsense.



press conference page (pdf)


impersoNation rules (docx)